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Mauricio Panozo of Lucano Photography

Bolivia’s rich biodiversity generates a range of traditional, healthy foods. Yet Bolivian diets are shifting towards highly processed products. Despite a national increase in food consumption, the prevalence of anaemia remains high - 73 percent in rural areas and 53 percent in cities.

In Bolivia, SD4ALL has identified three pathways to more sustainable, healthy diets: improving public policy for urban food security; supporting the production and consumption of Andean grains; and providing positive food choices for consumers. Prioritising Andean grains promotes biodiversity, nutrition and capacity building for small-scale farmers in Bolivia's Andean region.

We help low-income consumers who work in the food sector to have a powerful voice, highlighting the need for accessible, local and nutritious food. All of our work takes a bottom-up approach based on multi-stakeholder platforms.

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