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Wesley Wakunuma

Zambia faces a double malnutrition burden: 40 percent of under-fives are stunted, and 23 percent of Zambians are overweight. A major cause is the limited diversity of Zambia’s food production and consumption - because 94 percent of Zambia’s agricultural produce is maize. Our short film ‘Life Beyond Maize’ takes a close look at the problem and how we can solve it.

In Zambia, SD4ALL helps develop and implement policies that diversify Zambian food production. We support smallholder farmers in growing more indigenous crops such as millet, sorghum, cassava and a range of legumes and pulses. We also pioneer work that supports consumers in diversifying their diets, by increasing consumer awareness of their rights to affordable and varied nutritious foods. Our work with consumers is also closely tied to the need for policy and regulatory support for informal markets for food.

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